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We present you some of the best uses of banana peel. Whitening If you want to whiten your teeth then banana peel is the way to go. The method is very simple.


You just need to rub your teeth with the peel. Rub it every day for a few minutes. In just a couple of weeks you will notice a big difference.

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Psoriasis It will help you to cure psoriasis in just a couple of days. Just apply the peel on the affected spot.

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For best results do this once or two times daily. The banana peel will also moisturize your skin and it can relieve itchiness.

The psoriasis can be cured in a couple of days.

warts home cure

Hemorrhoids You can also cure hemorrhoids with the banana peel. The only thing that you need to do is rub the peel on the affected spot 4 to 5 times daily warts home cure approximately 5 minutes.

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Headache Warts home cure peel contains potassium, which can help you to cure the root that causes the pain. Hold the banana peel across the forehead and the back of the neck.

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Acne You can treat acne by using a banana peel. Just rub and massage the acne with the peel every night.

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This will reduce irritation and inflammation. Warts Use banana peel to get rid of any warts.

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Apply a little bit of the peel on the spot and place a bandage over it. Another method is to rub the white part of the peel on the warts.

Bruises You can heal your bruises very easily because banana peel has many regenerative properties. Once again rub the peel on the bruise.

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Polishing You can also use banana peel in your home for polishing. It will bring back the shine of your kitchen, furniture, utensils, shoes and you can wipe off the debris and dirt of your plants.

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Bug Bites You can reduce the itching by rubbing the peel directly on the bite. Itches and rashes Banana peels helps can relieve itches and inverted papilloma mri. You just need to rub and massage the peel on the area two times daily.