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Ferri, MD, FACP—known for his succinct, at-a-glance guidance in clinical decision making—offers a one-of-a-kind approach to the diagnosis of virtually every condition encountered in daily practice.

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For each condition examined, the text presents several images from testicular cancer klinefelter syndrome multiple-modality perspective that together provide a clear picture for obtaining an accurate testicular cancer klinefelter syndrome. Differential diagnosis references accompanying each image help you avoid possible misdiagnoses.

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As an Expert Consult title, this text offers convenient access to the testicular cancer klinefelter syndrome contents online, allowing you to perform quick searches, cross reference differential diagnosis references with even greater efficiency, and download all of the images from the book. The structure and function of skin 2.

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Evaluation of skin disorders 3. Disorders of keratinization 4.

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Inherited and autoimmune subepidermal blistering diseases 5. Acantholytic disorders 6.

testicular cancer klinefelter syndrome

Eczematous dermatoses 7. Psoriasis 8.

testicular cancer klinefelter syndrome

Lichen planus 9. Hypersensitivity syndromes Superficial and deep perivascular inflammatory dermatoses Granulomatous and necrobiotic dermatoses Porphiria cutanea tarda PCT Pellagra Cutaneous adverse reactions to drugs Neutrophilic and eosinophilic dermatoses Vascular diseases Disorders of pigmentation Diseases of the hair Acne vulgaris Rosacea Diseases of the nails Tumors of the surface epithelium Melanocytic nevi Melanoma Miscellaneous skin lesions Testicular cancer klinefelter syndrome infections Viral exanthems Bacterial skin infections Infestations and bites Decubitus ulcers Environmental injuries Normal anatomy Diagnostic tests and procedures Cerebrovascular disease Subclavian steal syndrome Subdural hematoma Brain neoplasms Dementia Movement disorders Developmental disorders of the spinal cord and brain Multiple sclerosis Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Neuropathies Ataxias Infections Neurocutaneous syndromes Disorders of muscle and neuromuscular junction Cerebral palsy Down syndrome Normal pressure hydrocephalus Dandy-Walker malformation Neuroblastoma