Hepatic cancer imaging

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Source: Clujul Medical. Jun, Vol.

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Abstract: Neoadjuvant image-guided therapies comprises all locoregional treatment administred to hepatocellular caricinoma patients in order to maintain eligibility during liver hepatic cancer imaging waiting time: transcatheter arterial hepatic cancer imaging TACEselective internal radiation therapy SIRTchemical alcohol injection CAIradio frequency ablation RFA. This study was effectuated on a total of 56 patients with liver cirrhosis and HCC, which are waiting on the transplant list.

According to imaging appearance, compared with imaging study before treatment, the results were interpreted as such: tumor regression, identical size and tumor progression.

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The treated HCC nodules were analyzed by pathology at the time of liver transplantation. The follow up was made clinically, biologically alpha-fetoprotein AFP level, and imaging at one month hepatic cancer imaging treatment and every 3 months after transplantation.

The average time between treatments up the transplantation was Residual tumor or tumor progression at index nodule level was proven in 14 patients; 8 patients had new lesions.

On pretransplant imaging followup 38 of 68 nodules were stable or in regression.

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Contrast imaging exams have a tendency of underestimating viable tumor fraction of the treated lesions and can omit new tumor sites. Neoadjuvant therapy are palliative unable to provide a cure for HCC. They are useful by improving outcomes and represents a bridge to liver transplantation.

Ultrasound abdominal transparietal and intraoperativemultidetector computed tomography CT and MRI are the methods of choice to achieve these objectives. For each method, specific intravascular contrast media injection improves the accuracy.

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In high-risk patients, HCC screening protocols can lead to an earlier detection and at a treatable stage of the disease. Keywords Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging, diagnosis, hepatocellular carcinoma Rezumat Carcinomul hepatocelular CHC este cea mai frecventă tumoră malignă primară a ficatului, asociată hepatic cancer imaging cu ciroza, cu o incidenţă crescândă la nivel mondial.

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