Zea toxin.

zea toxin

Zea toxin results obtained in in vitro studies with porcine IPEC-1 suggest that zearalenone at a low, non-cytotoxic concentration 10 M induced significant changes in gene expressions of porcine intestinal cells that were clearly papiloma zea toxin o vph from the control.

The microarray analyses identified genes with an altered profile compared to the control group, being down-regulated and up-regulated. The deeper insight obtained by microarray analyses revealed the effect of ZEA on transcription.

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Further in vivo studies are needed to confirm these results Taranu et al. In vitro ZEA is a genotoxic mycotoxin able to modify the expression of genes implicated in various biological and molecular processes and the cellular components also in human intestinal epithelium.

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The highest expressed gene Microarray data also reveal that pig is more sensitive to mycotoxins effect that human. Two groups of weaned piglets with an initial average body weight of 9. Our results showed that ZEA neither at higher ppb or zea toxin ppb did not influence the performance zea toxin daily gain, daily feed intake or feed: gain ratio of pigs fed zea toxin diet.

Plasma biochemistry constituents as well as the concentration of non-specific immunoglobulin subsets IgM, IgA, IgG were not affected by the two mycotoxin levels, the observed differences being insignificant in comparison with the control group.

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However, a trend towards a decrease in glucose, iron and Gama GT concentration, not statistically significant for the duration of the experiment, was identified in the plasma of pigs receiving the diet with higher concentration of ZEA. The in vivo results suggest that at higher level ZEA is a hepato- immunotoxic Fusarium toxin in pigs.

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The in vivo results suggest also that ZEA has a toxic effect at spleen level. The pattern of spleen inflammatory cytokines zea toxin in this experiment is in contrast with the results zea toxin in liver which showed a dramatically decrease for all pro-and anti-inflammatory cytokines and signaling molecules zea toxin and NF-kB under the effect of ZEA dietary contamination.

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Toxins, 4: Daniela E. Marin, Gina C.

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Pistol, Ionela V. Neagoe, Loredana Calin, Ionelia Taranu. Effects of zearalenone on oxidative stress and inflammation in weanling piglets.

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Food and Chemical Toxicology, British J. Exposure to zearalenone mycotoxin alters in vitro porcine intestinal epithelial cells by differential gene expression. Toxicology Letters, Effect of Zea toxin mycotoxin Zearalenone on gut epithelium.

În atenția fermierilor! Este grâul din acest an contaminat cu micotoxine produse de fungul Fusarium graminearum Schw.?

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