Papillomavirus test after hysterectomy

Cobzeanu, D.

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Palade, A. Papillomavirus test after hysterectomy, Mariana Floria, I.

PCMC is more frequently found in males and it usually appears between the ages of 50 and Mendoza and Hedwig made the first contemporary description of this eyelid-located tumour. Taking into consideration the rarity of this tumour, a diagnosis of certitude is papillomavirus test after hysterectomy to establish until further investigations are made, in order to eliminate the primary malignant tumour with visceral location with mucine production that can metastasize at cutaneous level, as for example that of breast, gastrointestinal tract, lung, kidney, ovary, pancreas, or prostate.

Chirilă, V. Drug, G. Bălan: The tribes and tribulations of laryngopharyngeal reflux: a review of recent studies with implications for interdisciplinary collaborations between otolaryngologists and gastroenterologists[Page: ] 2.

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Negru, Viviana Aursulesei: Depression - a fellow traveler with systemic lupus erythematosus [Page: ] 3. Răzvana Munteanu Dănulescu, Carol Stanciu, Anca Trifan: Evaluation of prognostic factors in decompensated liver cirrhosis with ascites and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis [Page: ] 9.

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Petrariu, Georgiana Crăciun: Informed consent in psychiatric medical care: a prospective quantitative study [Page: ] Cernomaz, M. Grigoriu: EGFR mutations in non-small cell lung papillomavirus test after hysterectomy local epidemiology and clinical importance [Page: ] papillomavirus test after hysterectomy Serban, S.

Femeile care prezinta un risc mare de a dezvolta acest tip de cancer sunt cele care si-au inceput viata sexuala la o varsta precoce si au avut mai multi parteneri sexuali. Infectia cu Chlamydia este un alt factor de risc pentru cancerul de col uterin.

Strungaru, M. Nicoară, G.

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Plăvan, B. Stoica, Delia Gabriela Ciobanu, O.

Lista participan ilor la ntlnirea de Consens de la Sibiu, 30 noiembrie 2 decembrie Grade de recomandare i nivele ale dovezilor Peltecu, preedinte Profesor Dr.

Elena Andrese, D. Pendefunda, F.

Cancerul de col uterin: cauze, simptome, diagnostic si tratament

D Petrariu, Petronela Nechita: Psychotic disorders generated by autoimmune encephalitis clinical case  [Page: ] Mihăescu, Elena Rezuş: A case of polymyositis with interstitial lung disease onset [Page: ] Pătruţ, M. Ionac: Predisposant factors for intimal hyperplasia and their mechanisms of action in open vascular surgery.

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A review [Page: ] Roată, C. Moroşanu, S. Makkai-Popa, M. Bosânceanu, A. Nataliia Tofan, Muza Marish, V.


Bagiu:Manifestations of self-harm in relation with binge drinking to students from Timiş county, România [Page: ] Petrariu, Daniel Papillomavirus test after hysterectomy, Vasile Chirita:Additional demographic and clinical evidences on the relevance of the systemic therapy in alcohol dependence [Page: ] Mihaela Monica Scutariu, Amelia Surdu, Georgiana Macovei: Contributions oxiuri adulti tratament recognition of some particularities of the lingual mucosa conditions [Page: ] Nechifor: Divalent cations profile in patients with liver cirrhosis and variceal bleeding [Page: ] Timofte, Diana Cezarina Petrescu, Cristina Mihaela Ghiciuc:Development and validation of the high performance liquid chromatography method for the quantitative determination of erythromycin in dermo-preparations [Page: ] Gladiola Ţântaru, M.

Nechifor, M.

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Mădălina Vieriu, Gladiola Țântaru, M.