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The infection may remain asymptomatic, may take the form of external genital warts and may give raise to cervical cancers. The aim hpv warts time period this hpv warts time period was to assess the frequency of the patients with genital warts addressing to five tertiary referral dermato-venereological units in Romania where patients from several counties are referred and to compare the results with the out-patient data reported by all Romanian hospitals.

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Material and methods: Data regarding patients with external genital warts who addressed to the hospital emergency rooms, in five tertiary referral dermato-venerological units in Romania Bucharest, Timisoara, Craiova, Constanta, Târgu-Mures were collected hpv warts time period the year For comparison there have been used data collected by the National School of Public Health, Management and Hpv warts time period Development, during the same year.

Outcomes: Data reported at national level in included patients women and men with 26 males under 20 years of age and female patients in the age group years.

hpv warts time period

In the overall population males and females combined the total number of genital warts cases registered at the hospital emergency rooms in the five centers, in the yearwas patients men and women with 4 girls under 14 years of age and 6 male patients in the age group years. Conclusions: The high prevalence of the infection with HPV, the costs of treatment and the psychological impact prove that prevention of the disease is the most important step for decreasing the incidence of this disease.

General measures for patients awareness regarding the disease and its complications need to be completed with the recommendation for vaccination.

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A closer monitoring of patients would provide information for a strategic national approach leading to a better outcome.