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Syst Rev ; 8 1 :Nov Dysbiosis opposite goal of our project was to conduct a case study to explore a screening approach that dysbiosis opposite replaces a human screener with a semi-automated screening tool.

A published dysbiosis opposite effectiveness review served as the reference standard.

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Five teams of professional systematic reviewers screened the same abstracts in parallel. Each team trained DistillerAI with randomly selected abstracts that the team screened dually.

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For all remaining abstracts, DistillerAI replaced one human screener and provided predictions about the relevance of records.

A single reviewer also screened all remaining abstracts. A second human screener resolved conflicts between the single reviewer and DistillerAI. dysbiosis opposite

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We compared the decisions of the machine-assisted approach, single-reviewer screening, and screening with DistillerAI alone against the reference standard.

Machine-assisted screening and single-reviewer screening had similar dysbiosis opposite under the curve 0. The interrater agreement between human screeners and DistillerAI with a prevalence-adjusted kappa was 0.

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Rapid reviews, which do not require detecting the totality of the relevant evidence, may find semi-automation tools to have greater utility than traditional systematic reviews.