Cervical cancer unrelated to hpv,

Learn The Risk's billboard campaign featuring Nicholas Catone, a month-old boy who lost his life to vacci The billboards cervical cancer unrelated to hpv even gone international with news outlets in the U.

cancer vs benign que caracteristicas tiene un virus del papiloma humano

Nicholas' story will save lives. All pharmaceutical drugs, including vaccines, contain toxic ingredients that can cause side effects.

cervical cancer unrelated to hpv

In fact, more than 7, deaths andadverse reactions have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, including serious ones like paralysis, seizures, multiple sclerosis and death.

Imagine the real health damage that vaccines have caused.

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Yet, parents are never told this. Most doctors refuse to acknowledge vaccine reactions, even if they occur within minutes of the vaccine. But parents should be given the FULL information about all pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines so they can make educated choices for their families.

Cervical Cancer, HPV, and Pap Test, Animation

Please take the time to look at the data, read vaccine product inserts and read the science linking SIDs to vaccines -- the connection is no longer deniable. Not all children that die of SIDS die because of vaccines, but many do.

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The U. It´s not a coincidence.

cervical cancer unrelated to hpv

More research here: www.