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Research tendencies in transplant biology field, presently, point to immunologic evaluation, rapid andaccurate virological diagnostic, and the response to immunosuppression. Transplant studies around the world, are focused on a deeper understanding of the genetic mechanisms involved in facilitating or tempering graft rejection or post-transplant viral infections, as well as on molecular mechanisms, which sustains certain immunosuppressive therapy response particularities.

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In this context, the objectives of the project were to: Investigate polymorphisms in IL-6, IL, Cancer treatment genetic engineering, IFNγ genes and their receptors, and serum level of these cytokines in transplant recipients Evaluate correlation of the immunogenetic profile with post-transplant viral infections Evaluate correlation of the immunogenetic profile with acute rejection episodes frequency Evaluate correlation of cancer treatment genetic engineering immunogenetic profile with immunosuppressive therapy response Set-up an in vitro model system for validation of the results obtained through genetic analysis Elaborate hypothesis on genetic risk factors involved in post-transplant viral infections and rejection episodes, as well as in immunosuppressive therapy response.

A wide range of investigations have been performed for detection, diagnosis and monitoring viral infections and graft rejection in liver and renal transplant recipients.

The results of the proposed study help to elucidate the role of the cytokine genes in the complex gene network involved in immune response, and especially in organ transplant immunity. Bucsa, B. Tacu, C.

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Dobrea, E. Kerezsy, I. Ursuleac, I.

Mustafa TurkyilmazogluDepartment of Mathematics, University of Hacettepe, Turkey Research interests: Fluid mechanics, Hydrodynamic stability theory, Rotating-disk flow, High-Reynolds number flows, Triple-deck asymptotic theory of compressible viscous flows, Numerical simulation. Emir Baki DenkbasBioengineering Department, Hacettepe University, Turkey Research interest: Polymer Technology: Production of polymers which have different type of bulk and surface charecteristics, shape and geometries;  Biomaterials: Production and charecterization of polymeric biomaterials and modification of the surface of polymeric biomaterials by different methods by chemically, biologically, plasma etc. Sibel A.

Alexiu, V. Uscatescu, I.

Current project:

Gratiela Tardei, Alexiu I. Bleotu C. Mar 27 [Epub ahead of print] Pathol Biol Paris. Carmen C.

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Diaconu; scientific responsible: Dr. Chronic myeloproliferative disorders CMPDs cancer treatment genetic engineering a heterogeneous group of hematologic malignancies arising from a multipotent hematopoietic stem cell. The molecular pathogenesis of these disorders has been poorly understood, except for chronic myeloid leukemia CML.

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The recently identified unique activating mutation in JAK2 kinase that activates the downstream signaling pathways appears to be the key genetic event for most of CMPDs patients. Cells from JAK2 VF positive and negative MPD patients will be examined for blood cell differentiation in colony assays, response to cytokines and for the JAK2 VF-negative cells will be examined for additional genetic abnormalities.

Genetics are Going to "Revolutionize the Field" of Cancer Treatment

Patients negative for JAK2 VF will be investigated for other genetic abnormalities using molecular genetic methods and modern cytogenetic tests FISH with locus-specific, centromere-specific and chromosome-specific probes. Samples from MPD patients in dynamics will be invaluable for further identification of which genetic or epigenetic cancer treatment genetic engineering may promote evolution of Polycythemia Vera or Thrombocythemia versus Myelofibrosis and eventually to acute myeloid leukemia.

The accomplishment of this project would prove essential for implementation of advanced methods of molecular diagnosis in Romania that will allow the integration of our research teams in The Frame Programs Of European Union. The interest regarding hematopoietic cancer treatment genetic engineering cells increased in last decade due to their potential to supply essential material for advanced therapies like gene therapy, cellular therapy and tissue regeneration.

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Hematopoietic stem cell promise for clinical therapy cancer treatment genetic engineering nevertheless restricted due to reduced availability of traditional stem cell sources: bone marrow and peripheral blood. The umbilical cord blood is used in special in pediatric cases, but his application is rapidly extending to adult patients.

cancer treatment genetic engineering

It is considered an excellent stem cell source especially for patients who have un rare HLA constellation and need an urgent transplant procedure. The project specific aim is to find effective methods for improving clinical results of using umbilical cord blood stem cells in transplant, by obtaining an optimum cell graft.

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For that purpose, the establishment of effective methodology, technically relevant, for ex vivo cultivation of these cells, will be done, through manipulation of culture microenvironment by cytokines supplementation. Animal studies will be realized in order to investigate the efficiency of allotransplant clinical protocols using umbilical cord blood stem cells, for initiate cell therapy procedures in patients with malignant disorders, hepatic failure and inborn congenital cancer treatment genetic engineering.

The project will conduct to organization of a bank facility for umbilical cord blood according with international quality standards and ethical rules.

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Cellular therapy in liver cancer treatment genetic engineering represents a new, promising therapeutically approach. The adult stem cells from mobilized peripheral blood may represent a considerable advantage in their use for the therapy of hepatic lesions because cancer treatment genetic engineering be harvested from live donors by a minimally invasive technique. The specific activities are: differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells through hepatic-cell-like suitable to participate in liver regeneration after transplant; development of the animal model with hepatic failure for in vivo assessment of liver regeneration capacity of adult stem cells; implementation of cellular therapy procedure for patients with end stage liver disease.

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