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  • Deficitul de fier şi cancerul – implicaţii clinice

Article Recommendations Abstract Introduction: Heterozygous β-thalassemia represents the mild form of anemia on period β-thalassemic syndromes, being compatible with normal lifetime. The importance of β-thalassemia consists in the fact that it maintains the "defective gene" in the population, favoring the appearance of new cases of Cooley's anaemia, the severe form of β-thalassemic syndromes.

anemia on period

Material and methods: We carried out a retrospective clinical study of over cases diagnosed with β-thalassemia in the Dolj, Constanța and Vâlcea counties, along a period of 10 yearsout of which we analyzed the family tree of 10 cases throughout generations, starting from the cases of children diagnosed with β-thalassemia.

Results: The number of heterozygous subjects that emerged over generations was of 60 anemia on period with β-thalassemia and 9 cases with Cooley's anaemia.

Iron deficiency and cancer – clinical implications

Conclusions: According to our results, the last generation of the studied children and adolescents shows the presence of a total of 18 subjects with β-thalassemia, suggesting the increasing amount papiloma humano contagio garganta heterozygotes in the population.

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Deficitul de fier şi cancerul – implicaţii clinice

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Iron Deficiency Anemia, All you need to know!

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Aydinok Y. Antonesei MI. Aspecte hematologico-biochimice în β-talasemia minoră și corelarea acestora cu mutații de la nivelul genelor beta-globinei și HFE.

The presence of anemia, regardless of the cause or mechanism, in oncologic patients adversely affects the quality of life, the outcome of the neoplastic disease and the adherence to treatment.

Prenatal screening for β-thalassemia major reveals new and rare mutations in the Pakistani population. Int J Hematol.

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Epub Mar 4. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia in patients with β-thalassemia major.

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Urgențe în Pediatrie. Boli Cronice anemia on period Pediatrie. Medicala Amaltea Bucharest

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